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Mobile Equipment Applications

Trucking/Construction Equipment

Battery Corrosion Guard for all your mobile equipment needs! When the elements bring harsh treatment to your mobile equipment battery connections - use Battery Corrosion Guard on your Backhoes, Graders, Bulldozers, Tractors, Semi-Trucks, Trailers, and Any Mobile Equipment with batteries and unsealed electrical connections.

Stationary Power Applications

Solar Power Battery Backups

Battery Corrosion Guard for all your Stationary Power Applications! Use Battery Corrosion Guard for your solar or wind powered storage battery packs and for your stationary power battery back-up systems!  Battery Corrosion Guard is also used for the batteries on your gas/diesel generator sets.

RV,Air, & Sea Applications

Fishing and Pleasure Boats
Battery Corrosion Guard for all your recreational, maritime, & aerospace battery connections!  When weather takes a toll on the connections of your sport or play-time machines, use Battery Corrosion Guard to prevent lost vacation time or down time on the job.  Used on fishing boats, pleasure crafts, travel trailers, motorhomes, airplanes, ATVs, golf carts and more!

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