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About Us 
3 oz. 11 oz. 6 oz.

Battery Corrosion Guard

Battery Corrosion Guard is made in the United States of America and has been preventing corrosion for over 20 years!  From its humble beginnings in small repair shops of the Pacific Northwest, Battery Corrosion Guard has found its way to municipalities, trucking fleets, chain & independent auto-parts stores, equipment/dealer franchises, large franchised repair facilities, battery retail stores, aero-space suppliers, the marine industry, golf cart retailers, back-up power systems for solar panels, cell tower power systems, and the toolbox of many a satisfied technician. We are confident that you will also be satisfied with Battery Corrosion Guard and its effectivenss against your corrosion problems. Just as our many customers have attested to, this is a product that does exactly what it claims!

3 Fl. Oz.(89 ml.) Bottle

  • Household Use
  • Technician Toolbox
  • Plastic Packer Bottle
  • Lid with Brush

6 Fl. Oz.(177 ml.) Bottle

11 Fl. Oz.(325 ml.) Bottle

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