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Battery Corrosion Guard Testamonials

"Here's What a Few of our Satisfied Customers Have to Say!"

Jerry J. Kiefel 
System TWT 
Spokane, Washington

    * With a fleet of 1,000 semi-trucks, System TWT has effectively used this product for over 20 years.
    *  In the face of ever-growing demands on charging/cranking components, we employ a long-proven ally - Battery Corrosion Guard!
    * Easy to use, easy to store, and eco-friendly, Battery Corrosion Guard is a simple proven solution to a complex and costly challenge.

Gil Justiss
Fleet Maintenance Manager
Ag Enterprise Supply, Inc.

*   I have found Battery Corrosion Guard to be superior to other coatings, sprays and corrosion inhibiting rings.  
*   I also use Battery Corrosion Guard on exposed electrical connections such as starter terminals and ground straps that can be subject to road spray containing corrosive winter highway deicers.  
*   The price of Battery Corrosion Guard is comparable to other products of the same nature.  
*   It saves labor by not having to clean battery connections and other connections repeatedly due to corrosion.
*  It all but eliminates those "no  start" situations caused by connection continuity problems.

Dave Campbell
Batteries Northwest
Salem, Oregon

*   Batteries Northwest has carried Battery Corrosion Guard as our premier brand for protection against corrosion for batteries and electrical connections.
*   This product by far supasses all others in quality and maintaining protection from any corrosive build up.
*   The consistency of Battery Corrosion Guard, with its brush applicator, makes it easy to apply and allows it to remain in place. 
*   Its the product all shops should use!!

Otis Bryant, Lead Mechanic Retired
Yosemite Community College District
Modesto, California

*   In my 43 years of working as an automotive and equipment mechanic, I have seen very few new products come along that I found to be "extraordinary".  Battery Corrosion Guard is one of these "extraordinary" products!
*   I have found in our fleet of hundreds of vehicles, when Battery Corrosion Guard is applied to new, clean battery terminals, we have absolutely no corrosion problems EVER!!
*   Battery Corrosion Guard is the best product I have ever seen for slowing and controlling existing corrosion.
*   I highly recommend Battery Corrosion Guard!!

Mike Teegarden, Sales Manager
Motion Auto Supply
Spokane, Washington

*   It was our customers who insisted that we begin selling this great product!
*   No battery corrosion inhibitors work as well as Battery Corrosion Guard!
*   Our customers say that no other product has worked as effectively as Battery Corrosion Guard!
*   We sell Battery Corrosion Guard to a wide range of customers including auto parts stores, auto repair shops, car dealers, commercial fleets, government fleets, and car owners.
*   Virtually all of our customers who have used Battery Corrosion Guard say that it is without a doubt the best product for the prevention of under-hood corrosion!

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